Friday, June 29, 2007

Azada Game

The new game by Big Fish Studios Europe is out: Azada. Their European studio used to be known as FunPause before they got bought by BFG. It's easy to see why they bought them, too--they produce some fantastic games. The new Azada game is a brilliant adventure game with puzzle elements. It has dozens of different puzzles, and some great adventure layered on top to keep the player interested.

It looks a bit like Dream Chronicles. You walk around in gorgeous environments, interacting with various objects. It differs in that many of the interactions are with puzzles, including some classic pen-and-paper style puzzles. Azada looks like a great game!

Download Azada

Monday, June 25, 2007

Venice Deluxe

Here's something new: Venice Deluxe game, published by PopCap (although developed by Retro64). At its core it's a matching game with similar play to Luxor. You shoot objects upwards, and try to match them to where they're supposed to go.

It's pretty fun, although it's definitely very easy at first. You can create combos by firing stuff to higher targets, and they sort of cascade down from there. I like the cascade effect, although it was sometimes confusing why certain things were going where.

I like the theme. Venice is a great city in pictures, although when you visit it in person you realize all of that water has a terrible smell to it. At least it makes a fun game!

Download Venice Deluxe

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nod Off With Dream Chronicles

Hey everyone! I'm back from a nice summer vacation. It's so nice to get some time away from it all. Although, I have a confession: I spent a lot of time playing games on the laptop. The only sad thing was we didn't really have a good internet connection, so I couldn't find anything new. It was great to have all these new games to play.

The first delightful find was Dream Chronicles. This game is a bit like a hidden object game, but actually more like the old adventure games from the early days of PC gaming. You need to find objects and then figure out where to use them. For instance, you need to find the match in the first room, to light the fireplace, to melt the ice on the door. It's a lot of fun, and the art is just fantastic. I recommend it!

Download Dream Chronicles