Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Great Tree Game

Reflexive just launched their 17th (!) game, The Great Tree. They have a pretty amazing track record as a company, and this game looks like an interesting entry. It's a casual game, still, although it's fairly fast paced for the usual casual audience.

At its core it's a clicking game; collect items by clicking on them, and then deposit them by clicking somewhere else. As per usual, though, the graphics are done up in 3D Reflexive style, with some truly gorgeous backgrounds and art. Looks like something to check out!

The Great Tree Info

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dream Day First Home Game

The "Dream Day" series of hidden objects games continues with the latest installment. Dream Day First Home is the logical next step--Robert and Jenny move into a new home together and are faced with the common problems of a freshly-married couple. Maybe the house was a little shabby due to their budget, and they need to fix a few things up. Maybe they can't agree on decorations, or don't have the money to put up lavish items for a few months. There's always garage sales!

It seems like Dream Day First Home won't be the last game to bear the Dream Day name. Pretty soon they'll be having kids--"Dream Day Firstborn", anyone? I can hardly wait for the obvious sequels, including Dream Day Marital Crisis and Dream Day Bitter Divorce. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for those!

Dream Day First Home Info

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mystery in London Game

Mystery in London is the continuation of the Travelogue 360 series of games. I'm not quite sure why they would abandon the T360 brand. Perhaps they felt a mystery game would be more appealing to users? Either way, this hybrid hidden object/tourist game has plenty to offer to fans of the first two titles.

Explore London via means of 360-degree panoramas, assembled together from real photos. Classic find-the-object gameplay drives this title, along with a mystery/thriller plot as you uncover a murderous secret in London. It's sure to appeal to fans of either genre!

Mystery in London Game Info

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Farm Frenzy Game

Have you ever wanted to wake up at 5am and do back-breaking manual labor all day? It's fun, honest! Well, if you don't want to do that in real life, you can always do it in a video game. Such is the power of a game. You can get all of the fun without any of the work.

In Farm Frenzy you're in charge of all aspects of the farm. Keep the animals, grow crops, and manage your financial business. If you're lucky, and profitable, you can use the money to upgrade your buildings and livestock. It's a great tycoon style game meets critter game!

Farm Frenzy Game Info