Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cindy's Sundaes Game

Cindy's Sundaes is finally available in wide release! The game has been out for awhile, but so far hasn't shown up on any major portals. This probably means the developer was hard at work making the game perfectly approachable for new players (ie, you!).

The concept is great--it's basically a matching game, but on top of that you can design your own desserts by earning ingredients from clearing levels. It's a tasty-looking game, to be sure, although you might want to avoid it if you're on a diet. Maybe the developer will create a version with vegetables and fruits as a sequel?

Cindy's Sundaes Game Info

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

The new Chocolatier game from PlayFirst is out! Chocolatier 2 takes the "buy low, sell high" trading game to a delicious new level. It's basically Tradewinds, but with Chocolate. Who doesn't love that?

The sequel adds a bunch of new cities, story elements, and ingredients to make your own scrumptious treats. The production values seem high, and the first game was a hit, so this is a sure-fire way to entertain yourself this Holiday season. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, everyone!

Chocolatier 2 Game Info

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate Game

The new Mystery Case Files game is here, and man is it looking rather gorgeous. This time around it's a carnival theme--a mysterious fortune teller reads her own fortune and discovers she's scheduled to die at midnight. That the mystery, of course. Who wants to kill Madame Fate? And why? Does she have enemies?

Go looking for clues in different carnival environments. The art direction is a touch psychedelic, which is awesome. I really did the look they have going on with Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate. Looks like they've managed the best themselves yet again!

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate Info