Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Great Tree Game

Reflexive just launched their 17th (!) game, The Great Tree. They have a pretty amazing track record as a company, and this game looks like an interesting entry. It's a casual game, still, although it's fairly fast paced for the usual casual audience.

At its core it's a clicking game; collect items by clicking on them, and then deposit them by clicking somewhere else. As per usual, though, the graphics are done up in 3D Reflexive style, with some truly gorgeous backgrounds and art. Looks like something to check out!

The Great Tree Info

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dream Day First Home Game

The "Dream Day" series of hidden objects games continues with the latest installment. Dream Day First Home is the logical next step--Robert and Jenny move into a new home together and are faced with the common problems of a freshly-married couple. Maybe the house was a little shabby due to their budget, and they need to fix a few things up. Maybe they can't agree on decorations, or don't have the money to put up lavish items for a few months. There's always garage sales!

It seems like Dream Day First Home won't be the last game to bear the Dream Day name. Pretty soon they'll be having kids--"Dream Day Firstborn", anyone? I can hardly wait for the obvious sequels, including Dream Day Marital Crisis and Dream Day Bitter Divorce. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for those!

Dream Day First Home Info

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mystery in London Game

Mystery in London is the continuation of the Travelogue 360 series of games. I'm not quite sure why they would abandon the T360 brand. Perhaps they felt a mystery game would be more appealing to users? Either way, this hybrid hidden object/tourist game has plenty to offer to fans of the first two titles.

Explore London via means of 360-degree panoramas, assembled together from real photos. Classic find-the-object gameplay drives this title, along with a mystery/thriller plot as you uncover a murderous secret in London. It's sure to appeal to fans of either genre!

Mystery in London Game Info

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Farm Frenzy Game

Have you ever wanted to wake up at 5am and do back-breaking manual labor all day? It's fun, honest! Well, if you don't want to do that in real life, you can always do it in a video game. Such is the power of a game. You can get all of the fun without any of the work.

In Farm Frenzy you're in charge of all aspects of the farm. Keep the animals, grow crops, and manage your financial business. If you're lucky, and profitable, you can use the money to upgrade your buildings and livestock. It's a great tycoon style game meets critter game!

Farm Frenzy Game Info

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cindy's Sundaes Game

Cindy's Sundaes is finally available in wide release! The game has been out for awhile, but so far hasn't shown up on any major portals. This probably means the developer was hard at work making the game perfectly approachable for new players (ie, you!).

The concept is great--it's basically a matching game, but on top of that you can design your own desserts by earning ingredients from clearing levels. It's a tasty-looking game, to be sure, although you might want to avoid it if you're on a diet. Maybe the developer will create a version with vegetables and fruits as a sequel?

Cindy's Sundaes Game Info

Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

The new Chocolatier game from PlayFirst is out! Chocolatier 2 takes the "buy low, sell high" trading game to a delicious new level. It's basically Tradewinds, but with Chocolate. Who doesn't love that?

The sequel adds a bunch of new cities, story elements, and ingredients to make your own scrumptious treats. The production values seem high, and the first game was a hit, so this is a sure-fire way to entertain yourself this Holiday season. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, everyone!

Chocolatier 2 Game Info

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate Game

The new Mystery Case Files game is here, and man is it looking rather gorgeous. This time around it's a carnival theme--a mysterious fortune teller reads her own fortune and discovers she's scheduled to die at midnight. That the mystery, of course. Who wants to kill Madame Fate? And why? Does she have enemies?

Go looking for clues in different carnival environments. The art direction is a touch psychedelic, which is awesome. I really did the look they have going on with Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate. Looks like they've managed the best themselves yet again!

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate Info

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Luxor 3 Game

Everyone's (second?) favorite marble popper game, Luxor, has just released the third in its franchise. Or forth, if you count Amun Rising, but it's hard to keep track these days. Regardless, Luxor 3 is out, and it looks pretty fantastic if you like those kinds of games. They've definitely taken the production values to a whole new level. It's hard to imagine how they'll keep it up, short of moving to a completely 3D engine.

So the formula is the same: shoot to match 3 of a kind before the train balls reaches the end pyramid. It's exciting stuff, honestly, especially with the levels that twist and turn all over the place. Luxor 3 = The best Luxor yet?

Luxor 3 Game Info

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hidden Relics Game

Hidden object games just keep coming and coming. And, almost scarily, they keep getting better too. I can't imagine how many hours of development time it takes to crank out art like this. Hidden Relics is a gorgeous entry into the genre, based around a plot of recovering stolen antiques throughout Europe.

It features a lot of museum scenes, complete with dinosaurs and statues and relics from the ancient world. The plot is simple: Adrianna, a brilliant student, has been tapped to help recover mysteriously stolen artifacts. She travels around, finding artifacts and clues hidden amongst objects from the past, until she discovers the thief. But who is it?

Hidden Relics Game Info

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Big Islands Blends Game

Serve up tasty smoothies in Big Island Blends, a brand new diner dash game. It follows the same formula as found in so many other games. And there are a lot of games like this. Flashbang has a list of 47 diner games right here.

Anyway: Customers come up to the smoothie bar, put in their order, and you need to click in the right places in the right order to produce their food/drink. But, hey, smoothies are delicious and fun. And so is Big Island Blends! That's a winning formula.

Big Island Blends Game Info

Friday, October 12, 2007

Little Shop of Treasures 2 Game

The parade of sequels for hidden object games continues with Little Shop of Treasures 2. At this point it seems like a fair bet that any successful seek and find will see a sequel sometime in the next 12 months. Player just can't get enough!

This sequel continues with the same theme as the first game. Help various shopkeepers in town find their valuables amongst their messy, garage sale-style shops. If you can find all of the hidden objects and sell them, you'll be able to save the shops from going out of business. Great graphics and cleverly hidden objects make Little Shop of Treasures 2 a good time for any fans of the genre.

Little Shop of Treasures 2 Info

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pirateville Hidden Object Game

Perhaps I should start up a blog just for hidden object games, because that's what everyone seems to be playing these days. And Pirateville is another one to try! If you like hunting around the screen for that tiny speck of gold, then this is the game for you. Travel the seven seas as a master buccaneer. Woo Women, find gold, and get into gunfights with other pirates.

Pirateville sticks to the same formula as other seek and find games. Travel from screen to screen, looking for objects, and follow along with the plot. But this time, with pirates! Anchors away!

Pirateville Game Info

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Scruffs Game

It's time for another great hidden object game with The Scruffs! This messy family has run out of money and needs to raise some capital quick in order to save their house. Lucky for them, pack rats are the ideal candidate for garage sales. Help them find all of their valuables in their house through 20 different levels.

If you love seek-and-find games and are looking for something new, then The Scruffs game is a safe bet. It has gorgeous artwork and a clever hint system to help you through levels when you get stuck. Give it a try!

The Scruffs Info

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Diner Dash Hometown Hero Game

Help fight urban decay in the new Diner Dash game, Hometown Hero. Flo visits her grandmother, Florence, only to discover her childhood town is falling into shambles! All of her favorite locations are now empty and lifeless: the zoo, the stadium, and especially her favorite restaurants.

Fear not, Flo has a plan in Diner Dash Hometown Hero! She sets out to start a restaurant, cafe, or food stand at each of the areas in town that needs help. Before too long, customers are flowing, the economy is back on its feet, and her Grandmother will live for another five years in relative peace.

Diner Dash Hometown Hero Info

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jane's Hotel Game

Rise to the top of the hotel business in Jane's Hotel, a diner game played in a hotel setting. The name of the game in the hotel and resort business is mood. Can you keep your guests happy? See to their every need. Maybe they want a drink, or a place to sit quietly, or a romantic meal.

Resorts are a lot of fun. There's nothing quite like booking the romantic package at a hotel and spa. Get some champagne delivered to your door, breakfast in bed, and then a soothing massage and smoothie by the pool. In fact, I think it's time to check some prices online! Actually, it might be a lot cheaper to just play Jane's Hotel. Thanks Jane!

Jane's Hotel Info

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cake Mania 2 Game

The Bernstein bear and his merry crew over at Sandlot, makers of fine casual games, just released the much-anticipated sequel Cake Mania 2. If you like cakes, and, let's face, many do, then you'll love this cake-filled diner game. Jill returns to serve up tasty treats to a smörgåsbord of interesting customers.

When Jill isn't taking money for her wares, she's busy fixing her hair in the reflection of her serving dish. Gotta look good for the customers, baby! It's a good thing these cakes are digital, and not real, or all of the Cake Mania 2 players out there would be whales of a human being by now. Yum!

Cake Mania 2 Info

Monday, September 17, 2007

Forgotten Riddles

Here's a game that introduces some innovation in the hidden object genre. Forgotten Riddles is essentially a seek and find game, but instead of telling you the objects to find it gives you a riddle. For instance:

I appear in the sky when through mist does light bend; a colorful arc with gold stashed at its end.

So not only do you have the solve the riddle, you need to look for that item in classic hidden object style. Sounds like quite the challenge! Personally I find even basic games in the genre to be amazingly difficult. I can't think of any other game type where I've spent 20 minutes trying to find an umbrella. If that's your thing, then give Forgotten Riddles: The Mayan Princess a try! It's by Blue Tea Games.

Forgotten Riddles Game Info

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Build-a-lot Game

Here's a timely game, considering all of the buzz around the real estate and flipping house. Build-a-lot is a great-looking Realtor game. You buy cheap houses, fix them up a bit, and try to play off changes in the market for your own profitability. Sound familiar?

I'm not sure yet if Build-a-lot incorporates bankruptcy-inducing real estate bubbles caused by years of government mismanagement. Maybe that feature didn't quite make it into 1.0 ;) Still, it looks like a fantastic game for people who like tycoon-style simulations. Give it a try!

Build-a-lot Game Info

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Paradise Pet Salon Game

I caught wind of a great new caretaking/diner game: Paradise Pet Salon. If you liked games like Carrie the Caretaker or Daycare Nightmare you'll be sure to enjoy this one. It's a spa of delight for delightful pets! There really are pet spas in the world, too. I find it somewhat sad that there are dogs in the world that get better treatment than I do. Well, perhaps jealous is the better word.

Paradise Pet Salon isn't quite out in wide distribution yet, but you can register your email at the link below to get notified as soon as it's available. I'm looking forward to this one!

Paradise Pet Salon Info

Plant Tycoon Game

Last Day of Work is back with another sure-fire simulation hit: Plant Tycoon! They've taken their real-time gameplay from and combined it with a gardening aesthetic. In this case, "real-time" means that the game clock is synchronized with the real-world clock. First, the obvious--if you play for 10 minutes, 10 minutes will pass the game. But, if you don't play for 24 hours, the time will still pass in the game. Make sure you play often enough to keep your plants fed!

Artificial life was a big thing industry-wide in the 90s. Interesting, it seems as if the game industry has moved away from pursuing more academic concepts and fallen into a rut with just a few genres. It's good to see that games like Plant Tycoon can be produced by imaginative, innovative indies like LDW. Try it out!

Plant Tycoon Info

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Venice Mystery Game

Here's a neat twist on a classic genre: Venice Mystery is essentially mahjong with a bunch of powerups alongside a swapping mechanic. In between the mahjong levels are painting levels, where you need to find the location of a piece of the painting. These parts play out a little bit like jigsaw in reverse. The jigsaw is already solved, and you need to find out where a few pieces fit into the whole puzzle.

Overall this looks like a solid game, especially for anyone interested in the Venice theme. It's interesting that another Venice game recently came out. Perhaps ancient Italy is the new Mayan theme? ;)

Venice Mystery Info

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mysteryville 2 Game

The original Mysteryville was one of the first hidden object game clones to hit the market. To be honest, it wasn't as feature-rich as even the original hidden object games. But, it sold well. It wasn't long before dozens of seek and find games were on the market, each with new features, mini-games and other bells and whistles to distinguish themselves from the pack.

So how does Mysteryville 2 stack up? The sequel comes at a time when the production value of hidden object games is through the roof; there are some very pretty titles on the market today. It seems to be doing well so far, though, which says something about how sequels. They're comforting--people already know the main character, the general ambiance of the game, and they simply want to play some more. What do you think?

Mysteryville 2 Info

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fever Frenzy Game

Here's a new diner/customer service game from Legacy Interactive. Legacy does good work, and Frenzy Frenzy definitely has all of the ingredients to be a big hit. The gist of it is that you play a nurse in a quirky hospital. All of the patients have puns for diseases: 3rd degree sideburns, bipolarbear disorder, and so on.

It's funny, and the art looks top notch to match. I haven't played long enough to get a real sense of how the game holds up, but if the genre is any indication it will provide a sort of trance-like fun. It's easy to sink time into a game like this. If anyone checks it out further feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts. Until then, here's the link:

Fever Frenzy Info

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Sally's Salon Game

Here's a fun, gossipy game for fans of the customer service/diner genre. In Sally's Salon you play the role of a hairdresser working her way up in the fashion world. Keep up with the hustle and bustle of making sure people get their hair style done right. Some people want hair colorings, others a trim.

Thankfully, you can hire new employees and purchase new equipment to keep up with the demand. It seems like Sally starts to get well-known, too, as she moves from a lowly mall location all the way up to a darling Hollywood Salon.

I think a hair salon is a great theme for a diner game like this. Everyone gets their hair cut somewhere, whether it's a cheap $10 haircut or a fancy hand-massage-included $50 style. At least a bad haircut in Sally's Salon won't haunt you in real life ;)

Sally's Salon Info

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ricochet Infinity Game

Finally, a new game in the Ricochet series! Those of you who don't normally play breakout games might not know what I'm talking about here. The Ricochet series (or Rebound some places) is a great brick-busting style game. It seems like this genre tends to compete on number of levels and features, and the new Ricochet Infinity certainly packs those in.

We're looking at 200+ levels, a bunch of modes, and some new game features (a "recall" function, likely taken from Break Quest). Reflexive has a decent-sized team of artists and staff, and Infinity definitely reflects their production muscle. If you're looking to try out an Arkanoid game, this is a great place to start!

Ricochet Infinity Info

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daycare Nightmare Game

Have you ever done some babysitting for a friend until to discover their children are terrible little monsters? Well, not actually, but it sometimes feels like that. Daycare Nightmare really is about little monsters. It's an adorable little state management game where you need to take care of classic horror monsters: baby vampires, werewolves, and so on.

It's cute but kind of horrifying. I mean, it's difficult enough to take care of real children. I can't imagine what it would be like to take care of a little demon child (literally). Thanks to Daycare Nightmare I don't have to imagine. I can play it!

Daycare Nightmare Info

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wedding Dash Game

PlayFirst is coming out with a new franchise next week. This time, the game is Wedding Dash, and it's essentially what you would guess from the name. Instead of Flo serving tables, you play as Quinn, a wedding planning trying to hold the big day together.

Keep the food stocked, the cakes from tipping over, the bridesmaids from getting into petty fights, and the guests all happy. It looks like a surefire hit, and I'll keep you posted when it'll be released. The last I had heard, release was set for July 31st (a Tuesday). Check back then, or leave your email at the link below to get notified when it's released. It's wedding time!

Wedding Dash Info

Friday, July 20, 2007

Posh Shop Game

Now here's a sure-fire hit of a game, simply judging by the theme: Shopping. In the new game Posh Shop, you play the role of a shopping assitant. Help customers piece together the perfect outfit. There are the usual pressures, including time and a restocking fee if you don't completely clear the floor. Still, it's pretty much a shopping game.

Someone should develop a shopping game based on the What Not to Wear license. Now that would be a smart move, and a guaranteed million dollars of profit. Even though every single episode plays out in th exact same order--first shopping day is hard, they can't follow the rules, but then the hosts swoop in and save the day--I still can't get enough. If only I could play that in computer game form! Until I can, Posh Shop will have to do.

Try Posh Shop

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Turbo Pizza Game

Looks like the guys over at Aliasworlds have cooked up a new diner game for everyone to enjoy! Turbo Pizza is a fresh diner game with a lot of the same mechanics: serve up food--in this case, pizzas--to hungry and waiting customers. It has a few twists, but overall it just has very solid production. I really dig the art style, and the graphics are polished and very colorful.

If you're looking for another diner game to keep you satisfied you should definitely play some Turbo Pizza. There have been a spate of service games lately, but this one looks like it'll climb its way to the top of the deliciously cheesy pile. Yum!

Turbo Pizza Game Info

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fashion Story

Here's another twist on the match-3 genre. Fashion Story is a essentially just a matching game, but each match you make furthers the "transformation" of a ratty-looking girl into a fantastic-looking woman. It's a pleasant enough theme, although I worry about the message that sends.

You play as Mia in Fashion Story, the owner of the "Fashion Agency". While your job is to help each girl discover their own style, the unsaid assumption is that all of these girls need to change. What if their "style" is how they look to begin with? The game doesn't really address that, but then again I doubt it's trying to make any kind of social statement beyond "swap to match 3".

Fashion Story Game Info

P.S. And speaking of fashion, you should check out One Pink Minx, a blog about fashion and style. Swanky!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Burger Island

Here's a new twist on the diner game--you're stuck in the kitchen! Enjoy the horrifyingly fast-paced tempo of a line cook. Serve up endless orders from customers in your burger joint without ever seeing the customer. Burger Island has you working as a line chef in a failing burger joint. Fill customers quickly or you'll be out of job!

Whew! If that sounds stressful, it is! Personally I like the more relaxed environment of a waitress game. At least then you have some occasional downtime. Perhaps all of the customers are currently eating, and there isn't much to do. In Burger Island, though, the pace is relentless. Make burgers! Mix chocolate shakes! It never ends! If you're looking for a high-pressure "time management" game, this is certainly it!

Burger Island Game Info

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Stone of Destiny Game

The trend of find-the-object games continues with The Stone of Destiny game. It's the usual fare: A mystery. A list of objects. A background image with those objects hidden inside. Maybe a mini-game or two to spice things up. Mix together and you have the "hidden object game" genre. Our friends at Flashbang have 24 hidden object games in their database now. That's a lot! I wonder how soon it'll hit 50.

Don't get me wrong--Stone of Destiny looks like a solidly-produced game. The art production has a decidedly 3D art style, which makes. The game is made by Voodoo Dimention, makers of the 3D tower defense game, Masters of Defense. I'll be honest, though: I'm a bit burnt on the seek-and-find games, so I haven't even tried it out. But it looks like a strong entry to the genre if you like that sort of thing.

Stone of Destiny Game Info

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dream Day Honeymoon

The sequel to the hit hidden object game, Dream Day Wedding, is out! The perfect day is now the perfect honeymoon in Hawaii. Dream Day Honeymoon looks gorgeous, with absolutely fantastic graphics. I wish I had that kind of money to go lounge on a beach in Hawaii. The next best thing is right here: $20 and you're off on your own virtual honeymoon.

Currently, Dream Day Honeymoon is available exclusively at Yahoo! Games. We hear this is for a two-week period, after which it'll be all over the net at your favorite places to download games.

In the meantime, head on over to Yahoo! by clicking on this link. The game is at the very top:

Yahoo! Games


Miss Management

The designers behind Diner Dash just launched their new "time management" game, Miss Management. The core premise is much the same--instead of serving tables, now you're managing an office of modern workers. And by "modern" I guess they mean "young". These kids look lazy!

GameLab is based in New York, and I'm sure their offices look awfully trendy. But most of America slaves away in faceless cubicles. Maybe that's why Miss Management is so appealing--the open floor plan, hip clothing, and stylish decor make it seem like a fun place to work. And work should be fun, and the Miss Management game seems to keep this is mind. Bravo!

Play Miss Management

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Delicious 2 Deluxe

The sequel to the first Delicious Deluxe game is out! To be honest, I've been spending a lot of time playing Azada lately--it's like all of the pen-and-paper puzzle games and things I enjoyed when I was growing up.

Emily is back with some new features in DD2. There are new restaurants, including a nice lakeside picnic area, and you can choose to buy decorations in between levels. Delicious 2 Deluxe looks like a strong sequel, although I'm not sure how long the straight diner game formula will last. I'm getting tired of these games, and I wonder if other people aren't too. I guess time will tell!

Download Delicious Deluxe 2

Friday, June 29, 2007

Azada Game

The new game by Big Fish Studios Europe is out: Azada. Their European studio used to be known as FunPause before they got bought by BFG. It's easy to see why they bought them, too--they produce some fantastic games. The new Azada game is a brilliant adventure game with puzzle elements. It has dozens of different puzzles, and some great adventure layered on top to keep the player interested.

It looks a bit like Dream Chronicles. You walk around in gorgeous environments, interacting with various objects. It differs in that many of the interactions are with puzzles, including some classic pen-and-paper style puzzles. Azada looks like a great game!

Download Azada

Monday, June 25, 2007

Venice Deluxe

Here's something new: Venice Deluxe game, published by PopCap (although developed by Retro64). At its core it's a matching game with similar play to Luxor. You shoot objects upwards, and try to match them to where they're supposed to go.

It's pretty fun, although it's definitely very easy at first. You can create combos by firing stuff to higher targets, and they sort of cascade down from there. I like the cascade effect, although it was sometimes confusing why certain things were going where.

I like the theme. Venice is a great city in pictures, although when you visit it in person you realize all of that water has a terrible smell to it. At least it makes a fun game!

Download Venice Deluxe

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Nod Off With Dream Chronicles

Hey everyone! I'm back from a nice summer vacation. It's so nice to get some time away from it all. Although, I have a confession: I spent a lot of time playing games on the laptop. The only sad thing was we didn't really have a good internet connection, so I couldn't find anything new. It was great to have all these new games to play.

The first delightful find was Dream Chronicles. This game is a bit like a hidden object game, but actually more like the old adventure games from the early days of PC gaming. You need to find objects and then figure out where to use them. For instance, you need to find the match in the first room, to light the fireplace, to melt the ice on the door. It's a lot of fun, and the art is just fantastic. I recommend it!

Download Dream Chronicles

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Everest is Out!

Just a quick note for all the fans of hidden object games: Hidden Expedition Everest is out! This looks like a very promising sequel to the first Hidden Expedition game (Titanic). The team at Big Fish have done a great job with the artwork on the new one. I'm downloading it now, and I can hardly wait to check it out! Great job guys!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hidden Expedition: Everest

Great news! The next big hidden object game from Big Fish Games is due out on Thursday. They're set to release Hidden Expedition: Everest, continuing their "Hidden Expedition" franchise. This time, it's based on the epic Ed Visteurs. He's an accomplished mountain climber, but probably known for staring in the IMAX film Everest. The game will include exclusive video footage of Ed.

The game itself looks like fun--a classic hidden object game with tons and tons of production value. I love the genre myself, and it seems like Hidden Expedition: Everest is going to make a great addition to my already substantial hidden object game collection. Bravo Big Fish!

It isn't available, just yet, but put in your email here to be notified just as soon as it's released:

Download Hidden Expedition: Everest

Escape From Paradise

Now here's a confusing title for a game: Escape From Paradise. It seems like everyone in life is trying to find paradise, not escape from it. Or maybe there's something more to it; maybe everyone is inadvertently trying to escape from paradise in their own lives. I doubt the developer of this game was trying to make that statement, though; it seems more like they were trying to capitalize on the success of the Virtual Villagers series.

Actually, after I played the Escape from Paradise game, it seemed less like a VV clone. More of a focus is placed in the mini-games, and in that way it almost reminds me of Tropix (a fantastic game of min-games, although clearly the swinging levels are the best). It's a fun game in its own right, even if it's obvious where the inspiration came from. Now all I'm waiting for is a shipwrecked villagers game with the Lost license. Gold mine!

Escape From Paradise

Download Escape From Paradise

Friday, May 18, 2007

Nanny Mania Game

I've always wondered what it would be like to be a nanny. Now, thanks for the new game Nanny Mania, I can find out! If being a real Nanny is anything like playing the game Nanny, count me out. This family is a real slob! The husband makes a mess of his dresser each and every time he goes out to play golf. I mean, sure, I guess they're paying you as a nanny, but boy--talk about manners!

Also, I think somebody needs to introduce this family to birth control. I played for a bit and they just kept popping out children. I can clearly see how many "family" slots there are on the starting screen, too. The Nanny Mania game better end with a kind old grandparent moving in, or I'll be in real trouble. I don't think I'll be able to manage three or four children. I can't decide if this game is trying to appeal to would-be Nannies or people who want a Nanny. Either way, it's a lot of fun!

Download Nanny Mania

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Big City Adventure: San Francisco

Hello gentle readers! It's been awhile since I've written here. I've been busy trying to enjoy the mild weather before the crushing heat of summer is upon us. One thing I like to do this time of year is travel! And Big City Adventure: San Francisco is all about travel! It's a great hidden object game set in the city of San Francisco. Each screen is a different famous tourist location, which is such a great concept.

It's pretty obvious that they'll be making more of these Big City Adventures with different famous cities as the theme. San Francisco is a good start, but it's pretty accessible to anyone who lives in the states. I've been there dozens of times myself. How about Big City Adventure: Rome? Or Paris? Something a little more fantastic.

Still, Big City Adventure: San Francisco is a fantastic game and I highly recommend the download.

Download Big City Adventure: San Francisco

Monday, April 16, 2007

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile

Sorry I haven't written in awhile, gentle readers! The weather has improved, so I've been out and about tending my garden and things. We need more gardening games! I'd love to see a gardening game that was a little more accurate in simulating a real experience.

Anyway, speaking of games: Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile is out! A game set in the tone of Lady Mallowan herself! I'm pretty sure she didn't work on the game, herself, considering she died in 1976, but for fans of her murder, crime, and mystery writing this is a must-play game. It's a hidden object game, which makes perfect sense for the mystery genre, but it's loaded with mini-games to keep things fresh. Personally I'm glad to see this--I think hidden object games get a little tiresome unless there's something else to do to break up the pacing. One can only stare at a screen for so many hours trying to find that darned fish before the mind wanders.

So make sure you check this out! I'm hoping that the popularity of Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile will spur others to actually go out and read her books. I know that sounds a little absurd--books? In the age of computers? But people forget how compelling a good book can be! Of course, a good game is awfully fun too!

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile Game

Download Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile

Monday, April 2, 2007

Cathy's Caribbean Club

Cathy's Caribbean Club is a new serve-the-customers game from Mystery Studio. If you think it bears a striking resemblance to Betty's Beer Bar or Wild West Wendy, you're right! It's by the same guys. Someone needs to come up with a catchy name for this genre. I've heard Time Management games, but I think that's a bad move. "Time Management" is has awful restructuring-like connotations. You may as well call a genre "Downsizing Games". Ugh.

Anyway, Cathy's Carribean Club follows the same game type as its predecessors. You serve a variety of whimsical characters smoothies at your smoothie bar. I like the theme--I've been to a few all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas and Carribean, and it really is fun to laze around on the beach drinking smoothies. Hm...maybe it's time for another trip! Or, failing that, a quick play with Cathy's Caribbean Club!

Download Cathy's Caribbean Club

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wonderland Adventures Game

Now here's something I probably won't be talking about much: a 3D game, Wonderland Adventures. That's right! Me! Playing a 3D game. Now, I've seen them before. Whenever I go over to dinner, I occasionally see my grandson playing on his Xbox. I just don't get why someone would want to walk around a 3D world that looks a lot like the real world. Why not just go outside and skateboard yourself?

But Wonderland Adventures really sucked me in. It's 3D, sure, but it's not confusing like other 3D games I've seen (and been tricked into trying). In fact, the point of view of the camera is pretty much top down. There isn't really 3D thinking going on here. But there is thinking! This game is all about puzzles, and they get pretty hard towards the end. At first I thought it would be too easy, but boy was I wrong! Give it a shot, you might be surprised. I was!

Download Wonderland Adventures

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mystery of Shark Island

I love taking my grandkids to the beach. Sometimes we'll do a little swimming, but often than I just watch them collect stuff. They'll toddle along, bucket in hand, and collect a myriad of shells and other items that wash up on shore. It's a great game.

Mystery of Shark Island reminds me of that. It's a hidden object game, where you need to click on specific stuff, but instead of finding items hidden in the background of the game screens, a bunch of stuff washes up on the beach. The goal is to click on specific stuff. It's a great little download to pass to the time. You can't go wrong with a beach theme!

There's a story and stuff, too, but it feels a little bolted on. I'll stick with playing my beach game, thank you very much! Story schmory.

Download Mystery of Shark Island Game

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fairy Godmother Tycoon

Fairy Godmother Tycoon is a sweet new tycoon game. I like tycoon games a lot, but I usually find their art treatment to be too grab. I don't really want to run a cinema, or stare at financial reports on some random city game. But fairy tales? I can dig that.

It's launching in a bunch of places, but I found the Fairy Godmother Tycoon game at Flashbang Studios. It's a larger download, which my modem wasn't so fond of, but it was worth the wait. It seems like a lot of games will be coming out with some kind of fairy tale theme (and there have been a lot of new games with the same theme). I expect there will be a lot of Harry Potter-esque stuff coming out around the same time as the next book/movie release, too.

Download Fairy Godmother Tycoon

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Peggle Deluxe Released

Peggle is a sweet new game by PopCap. They haven't had too many game releases in awhile, but I get a sense that this year is going to be big for them. As a game Peggle is all about chaos. It's basically pachinko--you fire balls and they bounce to the bottom. It's really fun to watch, though, and even more fun to play. You can download Peggle game over at Flashbang Studios.

I played all the way through the game--after you beat the Adventure mode you can unlock a bunch of "Master" challenges. They seemed kind of boring, but if you just can't enough Peggle game action then it's probably a good idea. Me, I just started up a new profile and played through Adventure mode again. Whee!

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