Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Burger Island

Here's a new twist on the diner game--you're stuck in the kitchen! Enjoy the horrifyingly fast-paced tempo of a line cook. Serve up endless orders from customers in your burger joint without ever seeing the customer. Burger Island has you working as a line chef in a failing burger joint. Fill customers quickly or you'll be out of job!

Whew! If that sounds stressful, it is! Personally I like the more relaxed environment of a waitress game. At least then you have some occasional downtime. Perhaps all of the customers are currently eating, and there isn't much to do. In Burger Island, though, the pace is relentless. Make burgers! Mix chocolate shakes! It never ends! If you're looking for a high-pressure "time management" game, this is certainly it!

Burger Island Game Info

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